PeeWee Finds A Home!

Peewee’s Exciting Adventure Home

Hello, my name is Dromaius Novaehollandiae.
My friends call me “Peewee” for short.


PeeWee the Emu (TM)

Yep, this is me. Peewee!

I was born near Midland, Texas in early 1996.

At five days of age, I moved to my current home at Heart of Minnesota Emu Ranch here in Nevis, Minnesota.


Our Ranch Sign!

We left Texas at 10:30 at night. It was 35 degrees when we left. As we crossed into Oklahoma I got real cold. My travel carrier was in the trailer with my older brothers, sisters and cousins. On the trip north it got really cold!!! At our first stop for gasoline, my new friend George found me laying on the floor shivering and he moved me into the truck so that I could ride in the warmth with him.

I was not feeling well. George couldn’t get a peep out of me. Hurriedly he stopped at a store to get me some warm Gatorade. Judging by the amount of attention I got, I guess I was pretty sick. He gave me Gatorade every two hours with a syringe and a plastic tube.

At one point in Oklahoma, my breathing stopped.

He blew through my nose and gave me mouth-to-beak resuscitation.

When I woke up I got the best treat of all. I got to ride inside George’s jacket all the rest of the way home.

I never left his side.

We are Pals!

It was really fun to go into gas stations and restaurants in George’s jacket. He told the other driver it was too cold for me to be alone in the truck–it was 20 degrees below zero outside and getting colder as we drove north. I was real good.

I would sit inside the jacket and only stick my head out to look around once in a while. While George drove, people would drive by us and look into the truck and then quickly look back at least twice. I don’t think they believed what they saw.

In the gas stations and restaurants, people looked at us kind of strangely. Lots of people wanted to come and pet me wherever we stopped.

I was bad once though. I hid in the jacket at a restaurant. I waited until the waitress came to our table and then I spoke to her. I stayed hidden in the jacket and I spoke peep-peep, and then I was quiet again. She looked around with a strange look on her face. I did it again, and she was more confused. She was so confused, so I stuck my head out and said hello in Emu talk–peep-peep-peep. She couldn’t believe her eyes. With a big smile she leaned over to look at me. She had no idea what I was. She rubbed my beak and called me a cute little peewee. That’s where I got my name.

The trip to Minnesota was long and cold. We left Texas where it was 50 degrees above zero in the daytime and ran into cold weather right away in Oklahoma where it was -10 degrees below zero. As we went north it got even colder. My older cousins rode in the trailer, where George had put a heater to keep them warm. It took us 31 hours to go directly home, stopping only for food, gas and my Gatorade. When we got home, it was 40 degrees below zero outside.


At home I got my own room with two of my cousins, and it had a nice warm heat lamp, lots of water and food available for me all day and night. I could play or sleep whenever I wanted. My cousins were born here at the Ranch in Minnesota


After riding with my friend, in his jacket, I came to make a special friendship with him. Since then he takes good care of me. He calls me “Peester” and pets my head whenever I let him.

When I was 2 months old, my cousins and I moved to our own house. It was really big with a real big yard just for us. We could run and play a lot. And I had my own swimming pool to cool off in when it got hot and a mud hole too. A couple of times a week I would show off to the tourists that came to the ranch for a visit.

I liked my head scratched, so I hurried to be first in line when they got to my house. I had to show off my wings, and feathers, and I let them see how dense and soft my feathers are, but I got my head scratched. If I’m real good, I sometimes get some fresh grapes too. That makes it all worth while.

I grew up with my cousins until I was 18. Oh, that’s 18 months old for you humans. I met this cute girl, Pretty Girl, and we moved into our own private condo next to some other relatives.

My Home. I really like it!

When I was two years old, Pretty Girl laid her first eggs. Pat, that’s my friends wife, picked them up every three days after Pretty Girl laid them and put them in a big incubator. 48 days later my sons and daughters were born. Yep, I was a daddy. Emu don’t call their babies kids, we call them chicks. My chicks got their own room too, just like I did until the winter was over and then they got to go outside and play all summer and winter too. 

My neighbor “Lady”. Isn’t she pretty?

In September Pretty Girl and I moved into our own home. The view from my front door looks pretty blue: Musky Bay on Lake Belle Taine.

It wasn’t so bad moving to Minnesota. I have lots of cousins here. My chicks live close to Pretty Girl and me. And we have our own pine tree shading our yard so it never gets too hot. Oh, I forgot the best part. My new house is big enough so all of my friends can come and visit me.

The view of Lake Belle Taine from my front door!

We have beautiful sunrises and sunsets all the time.
This one is out my front door.


A Belle Taine sunrise from my front door!

I haven’t gotten to swim in the lake yet, but my brother Curious did, so did my cousin Mrs. C. When you see them you’ll have to ask them about swimming in the lake. Some people said it was like seeing a periscope, whatever that is? Others say it looked like something called a Loch Ness Monster?

Our Stately Lady . . . .Shadow!

Shadow is one of our oldest residents on the Ranch. She is now nine years old. She has had her photograph shown on three television shows, three magazines and in numerous newspaper articles. She is one of my prettiest neighbors.

Did I tell you that I have my own dog. Her name is Tonka II. She is a 19 month old cream colored Golden Retriever. She likes to swim in our lake. She fishes all the time.

My puppy dog Tonka!

I also have four cats. The outdoor mice hunter is a short-haired cat named “Goldey” because of his golden eyes that shine in the dark.

The big sissy cat is “Prowler”, our long-haired Norwegian. His buddy is “Smokey” or “Moochy” as we call him. He is a short-haired dark gray and white curious part Siamese cat who is always getting into things. The latest cat to show up in the dead of winter of 2001 is my tailless Manx we call L.T. because he has a long tongue, he was a little tyke under 3 pounds when he arrived and he acts like a 2nd lieutenant.

Minnesota is really nice and the Ranch is really special. Why not come and meet my brothers, sisters, chicks, cousins, Pretty Girl and me if you are in the area? We’re just 15 minutes west of Leech Lake and 14 minutes east of Park Rapids. Just call my friends George and Pat for directions at 218-652-3790.
Hope to see ya sometime!

Your Friend,