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Some of you may have encountered my email tagline: “Blinky the beading emu herder”.  This came out of my often humorous attempts to quantify what it is I actually do! Since I live and work on an emu ranch, this always is a widely colorful and varied answer.

The simple answer is: “Whatever needs doing!”. From there it gets a bit more complex!

Even after cataract surgery, I don’t see well enough to drive, so that rules the majority of motor vehicles out! Thank goodness! I mean, have you seen how some folks out there drive?!  In a pinch, I can cautiously maneuver our RTV Kubota. And the skid-steer presents lots of entertaining possibilities!

Feeding, watering and general observation of the birds is first priority. The birds can’t do it themselves, so someone has to help out! There’s a whole long list of other things that go along with this- checking on bucket heaters in winter, making sure the well isn’t frozen, making sure no-one broke a leg on the ice in the middle of the night, etc etc.

Patching and replacing fencing is a staple of ranch life. Since the birds don’t like fireworks and many of our neighbors on the lake do, we tend to go through a lot of fencing!


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Blinky the beading emu herder

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